About Us

At TurfPros, our mission is to provide an environmentally-friendly and cost effective alternative to traditional lawns. Traditional grass is expensive to maintain, and has unintended harmful effects on the environment.

Most lawns require weekly mowing, trimming, weeding, chemical fertilization, and water to stay healthy and green. Even with proper maintenance, lawns wither and brown in cooler months, leaving homeowners with a less than picturesque looking lawn.

At TurfPros, we saw modern synthetic turf as a solution to all of these problems. Not only does synthetic turf require no maintenance, but it's environmentally friendly, and stays green all year long!

When most people think of synthetic lawns, they think of the tacky indoor field turf and green outdoor carpeting of the '80's, but synthetic lawns have come a long, long way in recent years. Modern synthetic turf looks and feels nearly identical to the real thing.  

One prohibiting factor for most homeowners has been the overwhelming cost of synthetic turf.  TurfPros makes synthetic turf more affordable, by providing the best product prices and financing on our turf installations.